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About Us

We're a newlywed couple of cool nerds that love to see the world, and keep track of all the cool things we do on the road. We're starting this blog with our Honeymoon, where we'll probably enjoy some downtime and eat some food and spend a lot of evenings typing away about it on an iPad. Our travels are organized by city and by trip, so you can peruse these at your leisure!

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Our Honeymoon Some Photos of Us

Latest posts

A Spontaneous Weekend at Golden Ears

Hey cutie! This has been written in a tent, on a phone, at an ungodly hour in the morning, with no cellular reception so I guess this is getting posted some time later, whenever I get around to it...

In Dublin

We did a surprising number of things in this city, and Adam managed to play a surprising amount of Mario Maker during all of it.

Some Fun Travel Numbers

  • 6 Cities Visited
  • 15782 Kilometers Travelled
  • 23 Days on the Road
  • 25 Hours in Flight